*Happy hour 3 - 6pm daily
Natural Oysters $2.50 each

*Available in the Oyster Bar only - subject to availability

About our oysters

 Oysters are said to be “the purest expression of the sea outside the sea itself: Briny, light, and slightly metallic, they remind you of the top of the sea, rolling waves, foam and bubbles clinging to sand as the ocean pulls back from the beach and the sun beats on”.

We love them because they’re made for sharing, paired effortlessly with a glass of champagne or white wine and slurped relentlessly in our oyster bar every day – they’re simply one of nature's perfect foods.  As for their aphrodisiac qualities, well yes, research shows that raw oysters are rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones – and of course that 18th century legendary lover, Casanova, used to eat 50 oysters for breakfast!

A raw oyster has that special precious liquor or juice inside the oyster that keeps it alive once it’s out of the water.  We like to savour the juice with a squeeze of lemon, some black pepper and a little balsamic.

Did you know there are only five species of oysters in the world? And because we love local, you’ll find most of our oysters are the Pacific rock species from right here in New Zealand.  We have up to 10 varieties on any one day, every day of the year. 

And then there are the legendary Bluff oysters, renowned as the finest in the world and from the only wild oyster fishery remaining in the world.  The first day of Bluff oysters each March, still sends the dining world into a frenzy with some boats being met by helicopters who whisk the oysters away to be distributed throughout the country and straight into our oyster bar.  ‘Bluffies’ are grown slowly in the cold clean waters of the Foveaux Strait, between New Zealand’s South and Stewart Islands and have been caught commercially since the 1860s.

 Oysters are unique – which is why we love them, why we serve them and why we cook them, to perfection.  We want you to enjoy them as much as we do so we’ve added descriptions of each variety, below along with our oyster menu.  So join us for happy hour – every day from 3pm to 6pm for $2.50 oysters!  Enjoy!


Oyster Bar Specials

*Happy hour 3 - 6pm daily

Natural Oysters $2.50 each

*Available in the Oyster Bar only - subject to availability


Our Oysters 


 Grown slowly in the cold, clean waters of Foveaux Strait. Large, plump and juicy.  Said to be the most flavoursome in the world.  Available only March until August.

Te Matuku

Rock oysters from Waiheke Island in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. Plump oyster with a creamy taste. 

Clevedon Coast

Rock oysters from the coast east of Auckland. Big, robust oysters, richly flavored, strong & intense. Low salt. 


Rock oysters from Mahurangi, an hour north of Auckland.  Sweet and fresh flavor which is seasonal. April - September: crisp, meaty & plump.  October - December: fat & creamy.

Big Fat

Rock oysters from the Bay of Islands. Grown for 3 years before harvest so much larger & creamier. 


Grown in the untouched, nutrient-rich waters of the Kaipara Harbour. Creamy-textured meat that has notes of citrus and a fresh cucumber finish.

Orongo Bay

Rock oysters from Russell. Plump oyster with a creamy taste. 

Wild Stick

Rock oysters found in the wider Bay of Islands area. Plump oysters with a clean, fresh flavour.

Te Kouma

Rock oysters farmed in the Coromandel. Plump oysters with a clean sweet creamy finish and rare vitality.